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  • Chill Layin 2021 Semi Sweet Red Wine 750ml (Powered by PengWine)
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Tower Club Wine & Whisky Awards 2020



A report released by Worlds Top Exports, in February 2018, ranked Chile as the fourth most significant wine exporting country concerning value. The total export number was USD 2 billion. The figure places Chile only behind France, Italy and Spain respectively.

France: US$9.4 billion (net export surplus down -1.8% since 2013)

Italy: $6.4 billion (up 2.2%)Spain: $3 billion (down -4.6%)Chile: $2 billion (up 6.7%)



PengWine’s are crafted using traditional and natural Old World methods – then pre-cellared and timely released to ensure maximum quality. All of our wines are barrel aged in French Oak and specially blended in the same process as many of the best wines in the world.

Our exceptional wine making methods insure that you can enjoy our wines after they’ve been open for 5 days. They pass the test of time! We recommend that you decant your PengWine for at least an hour, allow it to breathe in order to show the true expression of each blend. PengWine’s are great food-pairing wines because they are designed and blended by Chef- Sommelier, Chris Milliken.

Production is small-batch, only 12,000 cases annually. However, we can produce much more and continue to grow throughout SEA, China, and South Korean markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At PengWine, we believe in giving back to the earth that gives us the fruits of our industry. We recognize the environmental challenges of the future and we are committed to sustainability.

As part of our commitment and effort in reducing the environmental impact, we put our PengWine wines in lightweight bottles with the highest recycled glass content available.

"Cork has been, is and will always be synonymous with sustainability, ecology and respect for the environment."

PengWine wines are bottled with natural cork, which is completely renewable and sustainable. Cork is made from the bark of a cork oak tree, not the tree itself. Harvesting bark does not harm the tree. In fact, each time cork is harvested, cork bark regenerates itself and in doing so absorbs CO2.

PengWine believes in giving back to the community and donates to various charities all around the world.

Partners Testimonials

~ Ryan Cheng Consultant & Chef Sommelier Certied Sommelier (CMS) Certied Sake Sommelier (CSS) JJ Suppliers Sdn. Bhd.

“A boutique winery full of passion introducing high quality wines and dynamic team that are sharing joyful wine appreciation culture which include their care and commitment giving back to the community. PengWine do bring people closer to each other, Kudos!"

~ Gary Mok Hao Fung International Pte Ltd founder, Importer of Guangzhou and Macau

“By learning a different language, we share a different culture; by knowing wine, we enjoy a different life. by puttingPeng Wine into context, the beautiful and fullling collections are looked upon as elite by the fellows and me."

~ Tino Chew, Owner of Tocha Bistro

“PengWine has totally won me over with their award-winning beautiful handcraftedPremium blend red Maipo Valley Royal.Another gem in their already formidable range of top quality wines. This wine oozes class and depth with a surprising long finishing. Undoubtedly one of the favourite among my customers."

~ Monzie Daniel Assistant Manager of Pan Americana

“Truly something out of the ordinary,PengWine is like a breath of fresh air which takes you to places you can only imagine.It's unique characteristics allow it to stand among some of the best boutique wines in the market."