At PengWine, we promote sustainable business activities and operations. This month, we have planted 35 trees in collaboration with B1G1. With your support, we hope to continue contributing towards meaningful projects like this.

Collaboration with B1G1

Trees clean the air we breathe and serve as an important carbon sink for our emissions. A fully grown tree can absorb up to 21kg of carbon dioxide per year. Your support through this project plants tree saplings throughout the world which will eventually become fully-grown at a success rate of up to 85%, and in some cases also provide income for the local community.


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B1G1 – Plant a Tree in the World

PengWine is constantly looking out for opportunities to grow a sustainable business. This month, we took part in this initiative

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CSR Activity for September 2021

PengWine continues to pursue our goal towards building a sustainable business operations. This month, we will contribute funds to plant