Thinking of hosting a dinner but not sure what to pair your wine with? With the premium augmented reality experience PengWine has to offer via DRNK app, you can simply scan the bottle & get the information you need! Here's a web version you can view via mobile phone now : 
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What is DRNK AR mobile app?

PengWine is honored to collaborate with DRNK -- an augmented reality (AR) app for alcoholic beverages – and it is turning all its labels into a full AR experience. Our wine bottle labels have been optimized to be used with the DRNK AR App. With a simple scan using the app, the drink will come to life in front of your eyes with interactive animations. DRNK is like the Vivino App but amplified. It scans more than just wine and creates a very unique user experience, as well as informative AR.

Why do we collaborate with DRNK?


DRNK AR serves as more than just a fun and frivolous app. Harnessing the power of AR -- an emerging trend in marketing -- Omniaz (developers of DRNK AR app) aims to help you make better wine and drinks decisions (beers and spirits). Scanning any compatible label will allow you to learn more about the wine's aromas, tasting notes, food pairings, and other information in an engaging manner. You will be able to rate the wines and the app will remember your preferences for the next time it makes a recommendation.

Why wait? Download now to experience the app yourself! 

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Video Credits : VMG Digital & Mr Shopper Studio

Video Credits : VMG Digital & Mr Shopper Studio