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The classiest of the penguin species is the Humboldt with their elegant demeanor and gait. Like the bird, our PengWine Humboldt is a sophisticated and complex wine with a gorgeous purple hue and layer upon layer of rich aromas and flavors. To create this complex and robust varietal we focused on the noblest of Grapes. The Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Franc complement each other like great brothers. A mouth full of expression, this wine has a strong backbone that can be served up today or cellared for up to 10 years!


As usual, our vineyards produced top, quality grapes, due to the fantastic climate conditions that persisted until after our autumn harvest. The lower than normal temperatures of the Pacific Ocean (only 17 km away) provided us with cool winds during the evenings and morning fogs. This allowed for the slow ripening of the grapes. The grapes achieved amazingly intense aromas and flavors with refreshing acidity. The rain deficit (45%) during the growing season did not affect us as we were able to irrigate as needed. The vines had enough water to produce healthy grapes but we did not over irrigate so we could control the yields so as to produce the concentration and sugar and ripeness required.


Both free flow juices were placed in individual steel tanks with the skins and fermented at an average temperature of 29ºC. Fermentation averaged three weeks among all varieties, a bit longer than usual due to the high sugar levels achieved during the warm growing season. Eighty-five percent of all the musts were aged in small medium toast oak barrels for 9 to 12 months. Fifty percent of the barrels were new, first use and 50% were second use.


Blend: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon +40% Cabernet Franc
Alcohol Level (% by vol.): 13.0
Total Acidity (gr/L): 5.13
pH: 3.47
Residual Sugars (gr/L): 2.39
Harvest Date: April – May 2009

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