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Tasting Notes
The wine has a beautiful ruby color with green-purple hues. Gala is a medium-bodied red wine with many layers and fine structure. Wine lovers will appreciate the berry fruit and a long finish of hazelnuts and caramel. Gala is an excellent choice for red meats and hearty dishes, or enjoy this smooth and velvety wine on its own. Perfect with savory dishes and great friends.

The Galapagos Penguin is an exceptional penguin (which does not make it’s home in Chile) that is the only penguin to inhabit one of the most dynamic eco-systems in the world. Our very complimentary wines are a tribute to this resilient bird. Our GALA - red and our PAGOS - white are the perfect wine to start an evening or compliment food.

Technical Stats
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Total Acidity (gr/L): 3.90
pH: 3.81
Residual Sugars (gr/L): 2.19
Harvest Date: April - May 2009

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