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Chris Milliken offers his readers a casual, fun introduction to appreciating wine. For Chris, who has traveled the globe and enjoyed good food and wine with clients, friends, and family, wine is something to be shared, to facilitate friendship and community.

The first part of this book offers a brief history of wine and introduces the reader to types of grapes and the wines they produce, wine regions, and the winemaking process from vine to glass. And Chris doesn’t mind if you skip this background information and head directly to the practical application of this knowledge found in Part Two.

Readers are encouraged to develop their own wine palate by discovering new wines to try and enjoy. There’s lots of information here about where to find good wine at any price point and how to pair wine with food, from Chris’s viewpoint as a chef, sommelier, and winemaker. Part Three discusses the accouterments of wine consumption and storage and offers advice on creating a “wine survival kit.”

Finally, Chris teaches readers how to evaluate wine like a pro and order wine in a restaurant without anxiety. Writing in a conversational, accessible style, Chris Milliken is the perfect companion on a delightful journey into the world of wine.



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