Are you a fan of basketball?
In case you're new here, we have been the official sponsor of the Singapore Slingers for the past 5 years. Every season, at one of the home games, we host a PengWine Slingers Night where we come in with fun games & performances for the audiences at halftimes.
Kicking the halftime activities off was the PengWine Lion Dance Troupe who captivated the audience with their traditional dance set. 
Following on, we had a unique rendition of your childhood game- Musical Chairs, featuring our very own PengWine mascots against four young volunteers. With some truly funny and unexpected moments throughout the game, this halftime activity will certainly not be forgotten! 

To round off the Slingers night, we ended in a weekly Slingers tradition: The PengWine 3rd Quarter Shoot-Out. The volunteer has a chance to win two bottles of PengWine if they are able to shoot a basket at either the Mid court line, 3-point line or free throw line! 

Although the Slingers fell short by 10 points, they put up a great fight and the scores were neck and neck until the very end. 
Final Score:
(Singapore Slingers) 70 : 80 (San Miguel Alab Pilipinas)

We will be cheering you on, GO SLINGERS GO! 
Watch all the action below: